White Stag Publishing strives to publish only the deepest emotion, rawest of images, & unique & exciting language & syntax. We want to publish work that transports our readers into a new [sur]reality, voices so strong & loud they haunt, we want perspectives from writers who may otherwise feel unheard/seen.
Ends on February 1, 2019$10.00

One manuscript will be chosen & the author will be awarded:

Book publication with 20% royalty per copy sold, paid out on a quarterly basis.

20 free copies, plus additional copies at cost.

$500 cash prize.


Minimum page requirement is 40 pages. There is no maximum page requirement.
All manuscripts must include a Title Page, Table of Contents, & Page Numbers.
Please do not include any author information within the actual manuscript.

​Simultaneous submissions are OK, but please notify us right away if your manuscript is accepted elsewhere.

*DEADLINE: February 01, 2019.

What we are looking for:
White  Stag Publishing strives to publish only the deepest emotion, the rawest of images, &  the most unique language & syntax. We want manuscripts that take us into a  whole new [sur]reality, voices so strong they're engrained in us, perspectives from people who may otherwise feel unheard. There is  no theme for the contest, but please review our previous themes/issues  of White Stag Journal to get a sense of what we like publish. *We do  not tolerate any racism, sexism, womanizing, homophobia, or animal  cruelty so please don't send us any!

Chosen titles will be announced in the spring of 2019 with publication releases at the end of 2019/beginning of 2020.

There  is a submission fee of $10, but you may submit up to two full length  collections in one submission. Please separate each manuscript with a  blank page in the document.

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